This serves to announce that ICRISAT will be conducting a capacity building training session on Monday 5 October from 0900-1300hrs in the ICRISAT conference room in preparation for the 2020/21 agriculture season.  The participants in the table below are requested to join the session. The programme will be shared in due course.

Name(s)                                        Section

Mr. D Matekenya                      MACE Head of Station

Mrs. Grace Tambo                    MACE coordinator

Mr. Jephias Dera                       MACE Agronomy

Mr. Chova Muzamba                 MACE Agronomy

Mr. Alois Hlatshwayo                MACE Rangelands & Pastures

Mr. Richard Mwembe               MACE Rangelands & Pastures

Mrs. Octavia Ndlovu                 MACE Agronomy (Crop Productivity Unit)

Miss Olivia Mukondwa             MACE Crop Breeding

Mr. Mandlenkosi Dube             MACE Crop Breeding

Mrs. Mkhetwiwe                        MACE

Mr. Arthur Kupara                      SAT

Mrs Primrose Mkomboni         MACE Nutrition

Mr. Musasira                             MACE Small ruminants

Mr. G Sisito                               MACE

Nohlahla Ndlovu                       MACE Beef

Mr. Mkwananzi                          MACE Farm Manager

Mr. Jimmy Chekure                   MACE Rangeland & Pastures


ICRISAT Conference Room


Contact Person

Angeline Mujeyi +263773199804