Knowledge resources or documents on the website can be viewed or read online and/or downloaded to your laptop, tablet, smartphone for informational research purposes only.

How can I download files on the website?

There are three ways or options available to view or download content from the website.

Option 1:

Go on the Search The Knowledge Hub search box > Homepage. 

Search the Knowledge Hub by Title or Keywords or Key phrase according to your information need and click the search button to search the database.

The results of your search query will be listed > scroll down to view all the search results

Click Download File to view and download the document.

If no results are found, refine your search query or keywords. If you fail to get anything from the knowledge hub kindly contact us by email.


Option 2:

Go on the Keyword Search Box on the top right corner of the website as illustrated below.

Search the Knowledge Hub by typing any keyword according to your information needs, the results will be listed, scroll down to view and/or download the files.  Click the search icon to start the searching process.


Option 3:

Go on the Knowledge Hub page

All the knowledge resources on the ZimAgriHub website are filtered and listed on that page; knowledge resources are ranked and listed according to date of publication with the most recently published knowledge resources ranked first or on top of the pages.

You can filter the knowledge resources by category, select audience or content type.

Click on the Title of knowledge resources to view more information > Click on the document or knowledge resources to download the file.