Angelina Maposa with her solar panels she bought after selling her cattle at the CBC

Angelina Maposa is a female lead farmer residing in Ward 27, Mutiusinazita in Buhera, with her family and relies on crop and livestock agriculture to survive. She owns a herd of 16 cattle which serves as a source of income, draft power and manure for improving soil fertility to enhance crop growth.

Angelina Maposa has taken on all the project’s interventions since its inception and practiced them at her household. She went through good animal husbandry, Business development and fodder trainings among others, and is one of the farmers who initiated and adopted fodder production as a result. She is a member of Mutiusinazita CBC Committee and part of the ISAL group consisting of CBC members.

Mrs. Maposa participated in pen fattening in 2021. She identified a good ox within her herd, accessed a loan through the feeder finance scheme to feed it, sold the ox and received US

$ 500 at slaughter. She also sold 3 cattle through direct sales at the CBC to MC Meats abattoir.

Upon selling her cattle and with advice from the project, she bought solar panels, solar pump and water tank to pump water from her well. The provision of clean water for her livestock and for domestic use has transformed her life. She has also built water troughs and 3 compartment cattle pens, replicating the CBC model at her homestead.

Angelina Maposa has learnt and appreciated the importance of animal nutrition through the trainings offered by the project and has been growing fodder and harvesting crop residues to provide supplementary feed for her livestock during      the              dry                       season.

She has also started market gardening, taking advantage of the availability of water, and grows tomatoes and vegetables for sale. She is also part of the CBC members generating income through ISALs and broiler rearing.

Angeline has appreciated the trainings and market linkages created by the project and is generating income from diverse sources using her improved knowledge on good animal husbandry practices and business development, ensuring a brighter future for her and her family.



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